Nurse Dha and Haad License

Separate licensing was a serious challenge for many aid professionals particularly for agencies that had operations in several locations across the emirates, and once hiring qualified workers from Asian nation or Philippines. Health care professionals within the UAE are looking ahead to an answer to the current downside for a few time as this may supply them broader possibilities of employment from varied emirates.

If you’re a DHA passer however is willing to work in United Arab Emirates’s capital and is disturbed concerning defrayal once more for an additional licensure examination, then there’s excellent news for you! The port Health Authority (DHA) and Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD) came up with a revolutionary agreement to unify nurse DHA and haad license/licensing procedures of varied aid professionals. it’s a signed memo of agreement whereby a private UN agency is active his or her health profession, are ready to convert or transfer medical license from one issue authority to a different, like DHA to HAAD. this alteration aims to revive the popularity of medical licenses of various aid professionals across the region.

Nurse Dha and Haad license


The law would facilitate standardize many aspects of medical services each privately and public sectors. This ensures one format for hiring and job salaries as salaries vary between emirates, with aid professionals operating in United Arab Emirates’s capital typically earn over their counterparts within the Northern Emirates. Now, varied medical professionals are out there within the market as they’ll add any emirate with any of DHA, MOH or HAAD licenses. With this unification method, UAE has become associate oasis of cultural harmony and human generosity as they’re willing to just accept thousands of medical professionals to figure in varied emirates.

It may sound easy however still some queries are asked on the way to properly convert DHA license to HAAD, wherever to start the process? What are the essential necessities for license transfer, what are the mandatory fees, what number days are required for the complete method to be completed? you’ll get all the answers to those queries during this article so as for you to profit from this memo.