Basic Medical Coding

In today’s complex practice environment, certified coders are in high demand. More physicians need a Coder capable of understanding the complexities of the reimbursement process. Advanced coding skills limit audit liability showing auditors, compliance officers, employees and peers that you have taken steps to attain advanced knowledge and skills.

Medical Coders are employed in thousands of medical practices across the country.

H-Bay Healthcare Pvt Ltd Offers industry relevant knowledge and Training for “in demand” careers in Healthcare. We have been preparing students for rewarding and challenging careers in healthcare in the past years and assisted them getting placed in various billing agencies after successful completion of training in India and UAE.

U.S Medical Work Process-General Billing Terminologies
Review of Medical Terminologies
Medical Abbreviations
Anatomy, Physiology, & Pathology
General Concepts of Medical Coding
Chapter Specific Guidelines
Assessments – Chapter /Section based
Global Surgical Packages
Importance of HIPAA
Grade & Value of Certification – CPC / CCS
Salient Features of BMC Training
Comprehensive Training focused on Job Training and Placement.
Complete ICD-9 CM Coding with Detailed Exposure to General Coding Guidelines and Chapter Specific Guidelines.
CPT-4 Procedural Coding, HCPCS and Modifiers Coding and RCM training with HIPAA compliance.
Anatomy and Physiology training through plenty of videos.
Certification provided after successful completion of Coding Training