Medical Coding Certification Training Program

Medical Coding Certification Training Program

Hbay Health Care Offers six-course medical coding certificate program. one of the top medical billing and coding in Chennai. It’s designed either for those interested to enter the rapidly-growing medical billing and coding field, or those currently working in hospitals, clinics, medical offices, or insurance organizations who wish to take their skills and career opportunities to the next level, hbay healthcare providing complete medical coding training ,medical coding certification.

Hbay health care  medical billing and coding courses focus on the four most commonly used coding manuals—CPT, HCPCS, ICD-9-CM, and ICD-10—providing all the course related, up-to-date information you have to take the national certification exams with confidence.The skills you’ll learn are fully applicable for your medical coding carrier, meet all industry requirements, and can be leveraged wherever you go, serving as a valuable foundation for future endeavors.


Medical Coding Certification Training:

Medical Coding Certification training is very important to clear your course certifications. Hbay Health Care will give you the International certification Program training to clear your Certifications.




More than 92,000 health care professionals around the country hold AAPC certifications in physician offices, clinics, outpatient facilities and hospitals. These credentials represent the gold standard in medical coding, billing, auditing, compliance, and practice management, and are nationally recognized by employers, medical societies and government organizations.

Once trained and prepared, validate your expertise and schedule your credentialing exam.


Medical Coding Certification
CPC Certification
CPC-H/CCS-P Certification
ICD10 Certification