Counselling is a process in which the counsellor, helps you understand the causes for your problems and guides you through the process of learning to make good life decisions. Counselling can and may take many different formats to bring a person to a better understanding of them self and others. Counselling can benefit persons with emotional issues and or experiencing problems, and maintaining relationships.Many people need someone to confide in, not just those who have difficult issues to deal with or have been abused. Counselling is a way of helping yourself to deal with things that are getting on top of you or are getting in the way of living your life. Problems, which are, cluttering your mind, blurring, your capacity to think clearly, make the right choices and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships.

Deciding to discuss your problems with a counsellor does not mean you are unable to cope. Many people see a counsellor to help them sort out something that is worrying and they are not comfortable discussing it will family and friends because of the way they may react to the problem.

The purpose of counselling is to enable you to resolve your issues so that you can have more happiness and joy in your life.

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