About Us

We are a Healthcare institution focused on bridging the gap between the individual and the requisite Professional Skills.

Our professional team is an assortment of expertise from varied fields. We have evolved as a complete healthcare solution and this we owe it to the blend of professional knowledge, expertise in training skills and experience. The training and Process methodology has a strong Technical basis along with Psychology, along with a balanced blend of empirical learning with self-exploration

Why H-Bay? Are We Different – Yes we are.

  • We never compromise to anything less than excellence
  • Good Moral Values, righteousness and teamwork are the rungs of our success ladder.
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box thinking lay the base for our excellent training programs
  • Success is our tonic, we feel the vigor when we help our clients or people associated with us attain their success
  • We believe in dreaming and respect every dream of our trainees. This dream is the silent VISION of every person and we respect this vision – “the dream”.
  • Training is available both Online & Face to face


H-Bay Healthcare Private Limited offers top notch services in the areas of:


  • Basic Medical Coding for Freshers
  • ICD-10 Training & Certification from AAPC
  • CPC Certification Training & Certification from AAPC
  • Speciality Training – Any Section of CPT
  • Outsourced Coding Projects


  • Soft Skills Training-Management Skills, Behavioral Skills, Identifying Self
    Counseling-Health, Diet, Personal ,Pre Marital, Preventive Therapies

For Medical/ Dental Professionals

  • Medical Practice Management Training-Planning, Record Maintenance, Follow ups